Business and Pleasure

by Tío Rico

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Hate Me 02:32
We gave it a good shot People were jealous of what we had got And I couldn’t comprehend, When you said this had to end I sink down a hole I remember listening to the Bouncing Souls Said we were the true believers I never thought that feeling would leave us Now I look in to the bay and I recall the way I tried to act my age and I saw you change As my cigarette burns, I recall all I have learned It’s an important lesson as I stand here on pier seven I feel the pain as the light begins to fade Feels like this is the end, I lost my best friend Is this how it will always be, from these feelings I cannot be free I’ll always remember this day stood on pier seven looking in to the bay
Invincible 02:14
I know, I'm invincible So I do what choose I know, I'm invincible Have a lot to lose When it comes to it and shit gets real I'll be fine it won't be a big deal Right now I can take on anything And I know I won't lose I know I'm invincible I know, I'm invincible So I do what choose I know, I'm invincible Had a lot to lose It's clear I don't give a fuck I test you and push my luck I don't care what you think So I sit back and have another drink!


Our debut EP Business and Pleasure, released on July 7th by Horn & Hoof Records.

Recorded in two days, by Will Farley of The Propagumbhis, Business & Pleasure is a fast and raw EP; from track 1’ ‘Hate Me’’s explosive opening line “What the fuck is happening here?”, through to the melodic and anthemic rally cry of closing track ‘Invincible’.
The first single from the EP, ‘Article 7’, is as punk rock as it gets with the chorus’ raging growl “Believe what you want to believe, but don’t push those beliefs on me”. There’s no cliché, static agenda to this band though: ’Writing wise we write about everything from the state of current politics to the pitfalls of Tinder’ says vocalist/guitarist Ed.

Musically Fresh:
"The opening sporadically in time notes of ‘Hate Me’ immediately cross early 80’s Hardcore and 90’s Grunge before harsh and deliberately out-of-place vocals are added to the mix. ‘Hate Me’ is discordant and disjointed but addictive in its own way.
‘Article Seven’ takes this progressive disjointed guitar tone into a more politically charge track that is although basic, cannot be faulted for its honest message. Tío Rico tackles forced doctrine and the often contradictory state any success brings. Musically once again, I feel I must comment on the discordant gloom of the guitar tone, where the band in general seem to heading towards a more traditional Post-Hardcore leaning disarray-laden sound. Any feeling of uncertainty of I felt on the initial moments of this EP is beginning to slip away.
‘Maximizing Prophet’ teases faster Punk-Rock but goes only as far as that. Lyrically speaking the band’s bare honest distaste matches the witty title of the this mid-point track. Vocally, the slow and near-Spoken Word style is now more at home as the aforementioned doubt – for the most part – fades away.
‘Somewhere Between’ manages to cross Black Flag, Rancid and the Bouncing Souls in the first few seconds before the latter of those three mentioned becomes the main blueprint, albeit with a slightly dark tone in the bridges and refrains. By this stage on EP you are very much in the second chapter stylistically where the the band of the first half can still be heard, but more urgently.
If I am to be completely honest, the penultimate track is something of an enigma. ‘T-Rex Charlie’ is very much the “stupid punk song” of the release. Musically speaking it shows a faster band somewhere between 80’s Hardcore Punk again and the “pogo-punk” of the Bouncing Souls and actually follows suit quite well. That said, as entertaining as it is, as stylistically please as it is, it very much sticks out like a sore thumb within the focus of the EP.
'Invincible’ closes in a dated-Rancid fashion, reminiscent of a time when they still had it (controversial I know). The title of track very much gives you the mindset of the release, as well as the band at this point in time. Tío Rico have crafted an EP as they want it, they have crafted an EP they know is disjointed and discordant in a way that makes it hard to immerse yourself in to begin with. The band know of its simplicity, they know all of this down to a T and that is what makes Business and Pleasure an EP you will play again and again."

Rock and Roll
"Tio Rico are a fresh noise gunk trio from Manchester. Yes, you read that right, noise gunk! Distorted, punky, grungy goodness reminiscent at times of Alice in Chains and at other times even of the likes of Blink 182. As paradoxical as that may sound, it seems to work. It has the feel-good, somewhat ska, punkish Less Than Jake vibe, without wind instruments, while keeping the mix raw and dark.
Business and Pleasure is their six track debut EP. The opening track is called Hate Me and the first riff is immediate mosh pit territory. The first line when the verse kicks in is “What the f*** is happening here?” That is exactly how I felt when listening to it! In a good way, of course. Right from the get go the statement of aggression (in a fun way) is established and the record hardly ever relents. Though the chord progressions are often bright and positive, keeping the feel-good vibe going.
Ed’s vocals are raw, smoky and unforgiving. There is a bit of a The Clash edge to his voice as well. And Scott (bass player) occasionally adds a backing vocal in a similar vein, in particular in T-Rex Charlie (Does this Charlie surf I wonder?) which is a song about how the T-Rex is his favourite animal. No matter how serious or ludicrous the lyrics get, it is obvious that Ed is singing/shouting his heart out. With the fast, distorted, upbeat music, altogether the impression is that their live show would be exactly the kind of mayhem you can expect from a band describing themselves as noise gunk!
Their first single, Article Seven, is the second track of the EP and the opening sequence with the gloomy little guitar picking section brings forward more of the grunge side of things. The drums soon kick in, though, and things become too fast and energetic for grunge, but still retain the dark vibe that the chords provide.
My one beef with this EP is the drum sound, in particular the snare. I found it to be a little flat. It could have been a bit more punchy, ringing out a bit more. Same with the cymbals. The guitar and bass are very high in the mix obscuring some of the noise that the drums provide. This release is chock full of energy and I feel like the kit deserves to scream at the listener “f*** you!” every time it is struck. Then again, the occasional tambourine section is quite prevalent in the mix.
Overall this is a great a little debut EP that I will be listening to again. And if I ever get the chance to see these guys gig, I certainly will because they sound like a lot of fun of live.

"Manchester has always been a city renowned for its contributions to the world of music, and although the days of The Smiths, Oasis and The Stone Roses may be behind us, the city still boasts a thriving underground music scene, and the debut EP from raucous Manchester trio Tio Rico- made up of Ed on guitar and vocals, Scott on bass and vocals and Matt on drums- proves just how alive-and-kicking that scene still is. After forming in December 2014 and playing a successful string of shows and festivals, the band’s debut EP ‘Business & Pleasure’ follows the release of their debut single ‘Mr Big Shot’, released in November of last year, and delivers a sucker punch taste of their anarchic, self-coined ‘Noise Gunk’ sound, which takes the passionate energy of punk and the darker hues of grunge and chucks them into a blender, whizzing them all up together to create a fiery wall of sound that hits you with full force from the word go! Packed to bursting with screaming guitars and thumping basslines, this EP is a delight for any fellow mosh pit loving folk, as it is sure to shake any small, packed out underground punk venue to the ground!
The opening notes of the first track, ‘Hate Me’ come piling in with no warning or apologies, layers of pounding guitars and thumping bass assaulting your eardrums, but still bringing with them that adrenaline inducing bounce sure to fire up the mosh pit in no time! From the thunderous opening line ‘What the fuck is happening here’, the grunge element of their sound becomes apparent, and yet somehow the fusion of the low, moody vocals with the eclectic anarchy of the guitars that continue to rage in the background really, really works! Lyrically, ‘Article 7’ is a slice of pure punk rock, exactly as it should be, a fiercely independent statement about the rejection of conformity. However, the rising tension that builds throughout the track, thanks to the incessant drumroll pulsing away in the background of the verses makes it feel like this track had another dimension that it was straining to break into, but that punishing tidal wave of a breakdown that it promised never seemed to make an appearance, on record at least- there is a sense that when played live to a roaring crowd, that issue of drive would be fully resolved!
That lively spring makes a re-appearance on ‘Maximising Prophet’, the old school groove creeping in at the edges of the melody elevating the song and giving it a lighter tone and an infectiously upbeat, raucous atmosphere, which continues into the opening riffs of ‘Somewhere Between’, where a lack of energy and drive are of no issue whatsoever- in fact, the exact opposite! Short, sharp and defiant, it is impossible not to see this song being blasted out from tiny stages in sweaty rooms where the walls are ingrained with punk rock history, packed to bursting with a spinning circle pit! The tongue-in-cheek frivolity of the lyrics of ‘T-Rex Charlie’ cannot fail to put a smile on your face no matter how bleak the skies may be, and the relentless, driving bassline means that the fiery intensity of the track never drops for a single second, even when the listener is being taken on an in depth trip through a eclectic menagerie of animal metaphors that you can read as much or as little into as you like! The competing, raucous dual vocals and endearingly rough-around-the-edges fringes on the production only add to the youthful joy of this track, a complete riot from start to finish and, in spite of having all the other artistic, wonderfully crafted tracks on this EP to choose from, on the grounds of sheer fun and childish idiocy, ‘T-Rex Charlie’ takes the crown as my favourite track on the EP by a mile! And one thing’s for certain- no matter what you do, it will be stuck dancing around in your head for the rest of time!
Bringing it back to the realms of sanity with anthemic closer ‘Invincible’, Tio Rico prove that they can do big, swinging and uplifting rock melodies just as well as they do youthful, raucous and ridiculous. With its air-punching rallying cry of a chorus, road-trip ready melody and a whole host of potential for audience interaction when this track is played live, from clap alongs to impassioned ‘na na’s with the kind of punch that the Blink 182 of old would be jealous of, this song begs to be sung back by a swaying crowd with fists held aloft!
We might be heading into dark times in the world at the moment, but if this EP is anything to go by, the Manchester punk scene isn’t going down without a fight! When the world seems so very bleak, this kind of wonderful catharsis is exactly what we need. Tio Rico have produced a stellar debut in ‘Business & Pleasure’: screeching, adrenaline inducing anarchy with elements of classic rock, grunge and a few good laughs thrown in for good measure, and I absolutely adore it!"

"A new band from Manchester hit the Über decks with an EP recorded in two days by Stay Clean Jolene’s Will Farley – and ‘Business And Pleasure’ is a barking, snarling, rabid dog of a release. I might not be keen on the kick drum sound punching through the mix but that would be churlish of me to ignore what’s happening outside of that, and the bigger picture is a band who've honed their craft and penned some pretty decent tunes for our listening pleasure.
'Hate Me' has that kick drum, but it also has a bunch of energy that catches hold of you and makes you dip in for a second listen. 'Article Seven' is brutal in its blunt instrument delivery, from the snarling vocals to the building music that beefs up this tune. Sure, it has a fair nudge in the direction of early Nirvana, but that’s no criticism.
'Maximising Prophets' has an American underground feel to it: maybe some Husker Du hobnobbing with Buffalo Tom - it's what I'm hearing up, until the breakdown, when the bass kicks things off with a fair old rumbling. 'Somewhere Between' also has its roots in what went on over in the West of the USA, and I like it. So far the most prominent track on offer here and one that will no doubt see the band pick up a following if they can get it out to the masses.
'T Rex Charlie' is a lot of fun and it’s always nice to know what a band's favourite animal, food type, colour is, etc. etc. But, getting back on track, the closing track 'Invincible' is an anthemic upbeat call to arms and a great way to close off this short but focussed EP from Tio Rico.
Good effort and will be nice to see where they go from here and what a longer album length bunch of songs might sound like - good stuff! "

Punk Online
"Playing what they describe as Noise Gunk (A distorted blend of Noisy Grunge and Punk rock), the band have been back in the studio and recorded their first EP, Business and Pleasur. The EP opens with the full in your face bass driven Hate Me where the roiling sound is achieved with a great mix of the instruments and an up front vocal that adds true depth to the Nirvana style noise…wow, what an opener!!
Next up is Article Seven where the distorted guitar riff is joined by a thumping bass drum and that excellent pounding bass – once again the vocals give a slight nod to Kurt Cobain (and that’s a compliment) as the overall sound has a little Killing Joke meets GBH as the song builds up to a super climax. Oh boy, Tio Rico are good, very good….
Maximizing Prophet is the third of six strong songs and plumbs a more melodious sound and Somewhere Between sticks with the more accessible sound without forsaking any of the edge and power that the band have in spades! T-Rex Charlie is a 12 bar blues rock and roller with some pace changes and comedy lyrics…certainly made me smile!
Concluding the excellent package with Invincible Tio Rico drive home their penchant for a power infused hook laden song and they are well on their way to building a following who appreciate great punk rock music!"


released July 7, 2017

All songs written by Tío Rico
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Farley @ Pressure Drop Studios
EP Cover art by Scott Bradley / Ed Cornish


all rights reserved



Tío Rico Manchester, UK

Some people hear nirvana, some people hear Fugazi, some people hear anything in between when they listen to this three piece from Manchester, it’s different for everyone, what’s clear is Tio Rico sit outside the defined genres of rock.

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